Photo: Alexia Tantardini-Sutterlet

Switzerland has revealed one of its darkest secrets...

SILVER DUST was formed in 2013 by the singer and guitarist Lord Campbell, especially known as former professional ice hockey goaltender. In the same year, SILVER DUST released their first album, Lost In Time. A few months later, the band performed at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. Moreover, the song So Let Me Now was broadcast on the radio across Switzerland and its music video was a considerable success.

In March 2016, SILVER DUST released their second album, The Age Of Decadence, and unveiled a new show thought up to go along with the album using an atmosphere combining the good and the bad. A few months later, the band won the finale of the Greenfield Festival contest and, as a result, was selected to share the stage with Nightwish and Amon Amarth.

In the same year, SILVER DUST hit the road for their first European tour together with the Finnish heavy metal band Lordi. The bands performed more than thirty times all over Europe. Their music and live performance got a massive support from fans throughout Europe and the single My Heart Is My Savior became a dark-rock classic. After this tour, SILVER DUST signed with the German label Fastball Music that arranged the release of the album The Age Of Decadence across the continent.

In November 2017, the quartet returned on European stages as special guest of the Finnish heavy metal band Battle Beast.

In April 2018, the band released its third opus, House 21, in the form of a concept album. It tells the story of a British soldier deserting the battlefield during World War II and taking refuge in a gloomy dwelling, called House 21, populated by errant souls and strange characters. The album includes a collaboration with Mr. Lordi, from the eponym band, on a cover of Bette Davis Eyes. House 21 is a considerable success and is ranked in the Metal-Rock-Charts in Germany.

A few months later, the band went on another tour with Lordi. This new tour marks the second large-scale collaboration between the two bands.

In late 2019, SILVER DUST embarked on a new European tour, the largest in the history of the band: 50 dates in 53 days across 26 countries. For this occasion, the band toured with two well-known metal bands: Moonspell and Rotting Christ.

April 2022 marks the release of the fourth album, "Lullabies", which is ranked 8th in the Metal-Rock-Charts in Germany. During this year, Silver Dust performs at several major festivals in Europe together with KISS, Scorpions, Sabaton, Helloween, Whitesnake, Europe and many others. The appearances of the band at Paléo Festival, at Rock Imperium Festival and at Riverside Aarburg Festival were highly noticed and appreciated.

At each and every appearance, the band makes it a point of honor to present a true magical show. SILVER DUST has their unique music style brightened up with a scenic presence on stage composed of steampunk and Victorian influences. The band is often classified as "Burtonian" (referring to the American filmmaker Tim Burton) by the media that describe its style under the name of "theatrical rock".